TL;DR: An intro to HRforHumans, how we are going to change the world, and the core question: "How can I get the best out of myself and those around me (my team or employees) by putting in less effort?"

I'm on a mission to change the world; my beautiful wife rolls her eyes every time I talk about it.

Specifically, I want to create a world where people are happier, healthier, more productive, more creative and more fulfilled at work AND, equally as important, create a world where companies and leaders can reach their full potential, not distracted by frustrating "people stuff", rather, focused on the things that will help them achieve their vision.

But I can't change the world without you, which is why I'm SO grateful that you're here... because my wife can't roll her eyes at all of us!


Unless you're blessed with an amazing HR team, then keeping your people happy and productive is often something you need to do in addition to your "normal job".

And sure, you know that looking after your people is important, but you're busy! You've got clients to get back to, deadlines to meet and SO. MANY. F@*#ING emails to respond to! The urgent always seems to push the important down the to-do list.

The worst thing about this is, you end up with a bunch of initiatives or programs that aren't actively managed. Everyone just stops talking about "The Employee Wellbeing Program" and employees end up confused or disillusioned. Or WORSE STILL... the company continues to invest in a program that employees don't even really like.

When this happens, many companies feel pressure to do more. Then you end up in a vicious and expensive cycle.

HRforHumans is about doing less; but doing the essential things well.

HR4H is about the WHAT, WHY and HOW.

HR4H is about looking at Psychology, Behavioural Economics, Technology and Best Practice to figure out what CAN "move the needle".

HR4H is about applying the 80/20 Principle, an Essentialist Philosophy, and a "4-Hour Work Week" or Hack Culture mentality to figure out what WILL "move the needle" for your business.

HR4H is about talking about these things like a normal human being.

For you visual people, it looks like this...

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If you've read this far... thank you.

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"Today is a good day to have a great day!"

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